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Philippe Mainville, Montreal born and of Haitian origin, was attracted to performing arts from a very young age. He originally developed his love and passion for the role of master of ceremonies or event host by watching manyCanadian and American talk and quiz shows. His natural talent as a performer blossomed during improvisation sessionsat a local youth center and later while hosting variety shows in high school. These learning experiences and influences helped Philippe to develop his own unique style of performance. Since then, local and international companies have trusted his charisma and radiating confidence for hosting their assemblies, conferences, galas, and sporting events.


Philippe’s 21 years of experience in facilitating and hosting various types of events acquired him a vast knowledge and understanding of the profession which isextraordinary. His great sense of adaptability – to work with both children and adults - makes him a versatileMCthat is able to cope with the unexpected. Furthermore, his training in specialized education andcultural research animation remains a considerable asset when hosting team building programs. Passionate about music and a natural improviser, he has developed the skill to draw a crowd into his own energetic rhythm.

Companies often point out that Philippe is able to embody their image and brand, making him an indispensable asset for any event organizer.

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